Resolution and INL problem in AD5791

Dear all,

I m facing a problem with the use of the ad5791 evaluation board.

In fact, with this card I'm supposed to get an output voltage resolution of 1 LSB ( 20 µV), instead of this ,  when I increment the the 20 bit word with 1 LSB, nothing happens at the output voltage ,

The output voltage is updated only with 3 increments ( 3LSB = 60 µV) .

On the other hand, the INL error is indicated in the AD5791 datasheet to be less than 1 LSB. Here again, in our experiment and using the evaluation board its value is greater than 3lsb (60 µV)

Please Find attached the screen shot of the INL and the resolution steps we measured.

Could you please give me some helps , It will be appreciated.

Thank you
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