LVDT signal conditioner


     we are designing LVDT signal conditioner using AD698 sensor. Here we are using 2 transducers(transducer A, transducer B). In the output there is no problem in getting transducer A and transducer B output voltage. But we are facing the problem to get the output in A+B. By checking CAH CARD, we are getting A+B output. But in the controller  we are not the output. Controller we are using is 89C52. Can you please suggest me any solution to get the output .

    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 5, 2016 8:18 PM


    I'm a bit confused by your question.  The AD698 produces a result proportional to A/B.  When the LVDT is at null position, the A value ideally equals zero.  As the LVDT moves away from the null position, the value of A increases.  The demodulator measures the phase and magnitude of the A channel relative to the constant B signal and a DC voltage is produced at SIGOUT that is proportional to this ratio.

    -- Ryan