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ADAS1000 Drivers and Blackfin Framework

Q: I want to use your ADAS1000 in my ECG application and I need software drivers/starting point/sample code for interfacing to my ucontroller/DSP/ linux environment

A: On our WIKI webpage, we have 3 sets of drivers/frameworks to get you started with coding for the ADAS1000

ADAS1000 Microcontroller NO-OS Driver

The goal of this project (Microcontroller No-OS) is to be able to provide reference projects for lower end processors, which can't run Linux, or aren't running a specific operating system, to help those customers using microcontrollers with ADI parts. Here you can find a generic driver for the ADAS1000 which can be used as a base for any microcontroller platform and also specific drivers for Renesas platforms.


ADAS1000 and Linux Driver

Also available on our WIKI page is a linux driver for the ADAS1000.

ADAS1000 and BF-527 Visual DSP framework

Visual DSP based code framework has been developed and is now available at the following WIKI location:

This code interfaces between the ADAS1000 and the ADSP-BF527 low power Blackfin Processor utilizing the SDP (System Demonstration Platform) with the ADAS1000 evaluation board.