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Can you send me the AD7746 Labview Source Code?

The evaluation system contains our CDC component, which we want the customers to evaluate and to which we are, of course, prepared to provide full support for.

The evaluation system also includes a third party (Cypress) USB microcontroller in order to allow connection to PC via the today's most common USB interface. We provide user interface software for the PC to use the evaluation setup in order to perform data acquisition and basic analysis. We cannot support a connection of the Cypress uC via the USB interface to customer specific system, a system which is to us unknown and unspecified. We have only limited knowledge of the Cypress controller and drivers ourselves, the DLL that we use on PC are very little documented. We cannot provide support for that third party component in our evaluation system.

However it is possible to make some Labview example code available. The attached Labview example code uses all the components required to access the CDC on the evaluation board via Labview on the PC. The overall functionality can be adapted to suit your needs, however we cannot help or provide support for that.  This example code is provided as-is only.