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ADAS3023: FAQs

Q: What types of input signals does the ADAS3023 support? Can it convert true differential signals?

A: The ADAS3023 can resolve single-ended unipolar or bipolar inputs using any of the four input ranges (±2.56V,±5.12V, ±10.24V, and ±20.48V) of an internal PGIA and it can accept the commonly used single-ended input signals as shown in Table 1 of the ADAS3023 datasheet, thus allowing the use of many sensor interfaces directly and handling the full range of industrial signal levels. Its architecture doesn't allow you to convert true differential signals between any two channels.

Table 1. Typical Input Range Selection

Single-Ended Signals Input Range, VIN

0V to 1V

0V to 2.5V ±2.56V
0V to 5V ±5.12V
0V to 10V ±10.24V