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AD7175-2 digital interface check

Q: I’m not sure if my digital interface is working on AD7175-2  – how can I check this?

A: The ADC has a read-only ID register which will always read back as 0x0CDx.

    •  Analog Employees 
    in reply to Maurooven

    Hi Maurooven,

         The X is not unique per unit and it  is a number to complete the ID register which is a read only.



  • In the page 48 of manual the register nr. 0x07 containing the ID states the number you find reading this register is x0CDx, in the manual is also written as 0x0CDX. I would assume the last "X" stands for hexadecimal code but

    other codes when listing the Reset's default values don't have this postfix "X"; for example the register 0x20 report as Reset's value: 0x1320.

    Is the "X" of the 0x0CDX a number which is unknown or variable from unit to unit?

    Is the 0x0CDX number = to 0xCD ?

    Actually my read is = 0xCDE ... = binary 0000 1100 1101 1110

    Has the datasheet to be updated or the E i get here can change from device to device?