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AD2S1200: MSB to LSB order of Databits is different to other AD2S parts

In the datasheet for AD2S1200, it does not say which is the LSB and the MSB. In
the datasheet for AD2S82, DB16  is given as the LSB ans DB1 as the MSB (which
is an odd numbering, usually the lowest number is the LSB).Is it the same for
AD2S1200 that DB0 is MSB and DB11 is LSB, or the other way around?


It is the other way around for the AD2S1200, the MSB is DB11, LSB is DB0. For
the other AD2S devices you refer to, the lowest number is the MSB. We recognise
that this is confusing and we hope to add some clarification to future
revisions of AD2S1200 datasheet.