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AD2S1200: Connection methods

In case of LOS, is pulling -RESET low for duration Ttrack enough or must the
part, pulling reset low, be fully powered off then on?
In brief is reset enough or do we need to cycle power?

Should the resolver wires be disconnected from AD2S1200, which precaution
should be taken to avoid damaging the part?
Resistors across Sin/SinLo and Cos/CosLo?
Pull-up or pull-down resistors? To which potential?


RESET should be fine, but must be held for at least 10uS after the power

You must then wait 20ms before taking /SAMPLE low.
There is no need to hold it for 20ms and there is no need to cycle power.

On reviewing the input impedance (1Mohm), you don't need anything on the inputs.
Pull-ups to 3.6V would be the only thing that you may need for safety.