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AD2S1200 velocity output resolution

If the motor is running under a slow speed for example 0.5 rps, is the 0.488rps
LSB a little bit small? Is there any way to improve it? 


If the customer is using the velocity output as feedback to drive them motor
and If that motor is always running  at a slow speed, e.g. 0.5rps then the
AD2S1200 is not the correct part for this application. The LSB size is too
big and will cause difficulties.
However, most customers actually use the position output to commutate the
motor, not the velocity output. The LSB of the position output is 5.3 arc mins
i.e.0.09 degrees.
If your customer is concerned they should consider the AD2S1210, which offers
16 bit resolution on the velocity output across a full-scale range of +/-125rps
i.e. LSB size of 0.004rps.