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AD2S1205: 68K resistors in AD2S1205 recommended circuit diagram FAQs

I have a question about the datasheet of AD2S1205 and AD2S1210. In the
datasheet of AD2S1205, we recommend 68K resistors between SIN/SINLO and
COS/COSLO. The function of these two 68K resistors is explained in the
datasheet, too. (See attached Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3).
But, in the datasheet of AD2S1210, there are no such resistors. Are they
integrated into the internal chip or other reasons? (Figure 4, attached


The 68K resistors are not required in the AD2S1210 to detect an all connection
LOS. These resistors are not integrated into the device, there are some very
subtle changes in the internal fault detection circuitry to ensure the fault is
detected in the AD2S1210 without the need for the additional resistors.