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Direct interface for resolver with AD2S1210

My task is to design an interface for a resolver. My problem is that the
information in the datasheet does not clearly defines this. See AD2S1210-EP
table 1 for the sine,cosine inputs. There is an amplitude required of 2.3 till
4 Vpp. In case of a direct connection of the resolver windings  (see datasheet
AD2S1210 page 19) and the  electrical resolver representation on page 15, there
are voltages possible of approx. 0Vpp.(for example sine 0°, cosine 90°).
Could I use the RDC in this configuration or is a special  signal conditioning
Another question to the accuracy: my requirement to the static accuracy shall
be less than  +/-0,008rad. Is this possible?


There is no special circuitry required to interface between a resolver  and the
AD2S1210. The AD2S1210 is designed to be directly connectable to a  resolver.
Another way to read the  specification would be that the maximum input signal
amplitude should be within  the 2.3 V to 4.0V range. At 0'degrees  sine is 0 V,
this is ok as long as when sine is at its maximum, @90'Degrees,  that the peak
to peak amplitude is within the 2.3V to 4.0V  range.

Accuracy of +/-0.008rad is  +/-27.5 arc minutes. The AD2S1210-EP data  sheet
list a worst case accuracy of +/-7 + 1LSB arc minutes.

For the respective resolutions this equates to the  following : see table.gif

The requirement of +/-0.008 rad is achieved for the AD2S1210-EP at 12-bit and
greater resolution.