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Is it it is possible to use the AD2S1210EVB without the CED1Z ?

I want to know if it is possible to use the AD2S1210 EVB without the CED1Z
board, interfacing it with a computer with serial or parallel connectors (J20
and J4)? If so, how can I connect the evaluation board to my computer (what
kind of interface to make), and can I use the software provided with it to
control it?


EVAL-CED1Z is the hardware interface method that ADI provides for AD2S1210 and
the related software on the EVAL-AD2S1210EDZ CD is the interface/GUI software
for controlling and evaluating the performance of the AD2S1210 when it is
operated with the EVAL-CED1Z.

The serial and parallell connectors J20 and J4 allow for access to AD2S1210
interface signals when interfacing to systems other than the EVAL-CED1Z. For
connecting directly to PC you should use EVAL-CED1Z and the software provided