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AD2S1210 synchronized to external excitation

Can the AD2S1210 be operated with an externally generated sine wave reference?


It is tricky to synchronize the AD2S1210 to an external excitation.

To achieve it you must ensure that the AD2S1210 and the device determining the
excitation frequency have the exact same excitation frequency, are within the
phase specification of +/-44 degrees, and do not phase drift outside of this
specification over time.The AD2S1210 expects the sine and cosine signals to
have the carrier at the settings that are defined in the AD2S1210 even though
the system is not using the excitation of the AD2S1210.

You must control the AD2S1210 with the same clock source as the creator of the
system excitation frequency, the AD2S1210 must have the same frequency setting
as the external excitation and you can control the synchronization of the
excitation frequency with a hardware or software reset to the AD2S1210. The
choice of software or hardware reset depends on if you wish to use a
configuration in the AD2S1210 other than the default settings.