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AD2S80_RESET signal and sample rate

Two questions need your help.
1. In the 11th page of the datasheet, it says:"During the reset period the
input continues to be integrated, the reset period is constant at 400 ns." I am
not sure what the meaning is, because AD2S80 does not have a RESET Pin?

2. For AD2S80, how much time it will spend to finish one conversion? ie: the
sampling rate of AD2S80A.


This paragraph describes one of the internal signals of the AD2S80A device
which has no effect on the system. I think this information is off use for a

As you know the AD2S80 device continuously track the input signals in order to
find actual position and velocity information. Important parameter to
understand how quick loop can find actual position is tracking rate which is
user selectable. If you want to know how quick you can read the data output
please take  a look at page 9 of the datasheet which explains the Digital
Timing of the AD2S80A converter. When you are reading the data from the part
what you do is only latching the data from internal register and internal loop
keeps tracking the inputs all the time.