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AD2S80: Accuracy vs. temperature FAQs

What is the difference between the AD2S80ABD and the AD2S80ASD ?

Is the ASD just more classified than the ABD according to accuracy/temperature?
I mean, has the ASD and the ABD the same accuracy of 4 arcmin between -40?C
and  85?C ? Or does the ASD type have a accuracy of 8arcmin over the whole
range ?

I will need a AD2S80 that has an accuracy of 4arcmin between -20?C and  75?C.


All the parts have been tested over the full temperature range. And the
variation in accuracy is never bigger than 1 arc min.
Therefore for a temp range between –20 and +75degC you have the BD (Industrial)
and TD (military) with an accuracy of ±4 + 1 arc min (the +1 means that it can
change until 1 arc min more over the range) and the UD (military) with an
accuracy of ±2 + 1 arc min.
The SD you mention has a ±8 + 1 arc min accuracy.