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Amplitude accuracy of AD2S99 vs Input signal amplitude of AD2S90

We would use AD2S90 for the acquisition of a resolver sensor and AD2S99 for the
excitation. But the amplitude variations of the excitation in the range of the
temperature of the AD2S99 is 2V 10% . It Is the same tolerance as SIN and COS
input of AD2S90. My sensor has an inaccuracy between the primary and secondary
of 5%. What is the impact on AD2S90 if we use the input range of 2V 15%


The AD2S90 is only tested to the input range stated in the data sheet and we
cannot guarantee any specifications outside of that range. It should work up to
the absolute maximum ratings.

The part should work, there may be a small effect on performance.

Are you fixed on the AD2S90 and AD2S99 or would you be interested in the newer
products, such as the AD2S1210? There is an EP version of that available.