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AD598: FAQs

Our one customer want to apply AD698 in RVDT Signal Conditioning. But in
AD698's datasheet, there only are the LVDT typical circuits. So would you
please give us some circuits about RVDT Application?


I don't have any circuit diagrams specific to an RVDT application. RVDTs would
generally have the same circuit diagram as a 5 wire LVDT so Fig 7 or 12 in the
AD598 datasheet would be suitable for RVDT application.
You mentioned that your customer was interested in using the AD698. This part
is not suited for 5-wire LVDTs, or in this case RVDTs. That part is targeted at
4 or 3 wire LVDTs and so has a different transfer function. The transfer
function of the AD598 (A-B/A+B) is better suited to RVDT applications. I would
suggest that the AD598 be used in the application.