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AD7150 AD7746 level sensing demo

We have a requirement from one of our customer, where in we are suppose to
measure the level of diesel in the generator. I thought of using AD7150 with
the electrode PCB for this purpose.

Before going to production, we thought of having a prototype. But i'm not clear
of how to make the electrode PCB. Can you please guide me regarding what
material to use and any precautions to be taken for this purpose.

AD7150 will be interfaced to a microcontroller to monitor the capacitance value.


Pls refer to below for the response from our cap sensing product application
the sensor design itself is not quite our area of expertise, although we try to
help our customers as much as we can with the knowledge we collected from
different applications using various sensor types connected to our CDCs. It is
difficult to advice on the geometry/pattern/design of a sensor for a particular
application, the tests we conducted with different sensor
geometry/pattern/design were all experimental. I have no means of simulating
what would be the best approach for a given application. The approach I take is
that I usually get boards done with a variety of different sensor
designs/patters and test which one would be the best suited for the intended

However, I do not recommend the use of the AD7150 for such an application as
the part is not factory calibrated, hence the overall capacitive input range
can vary from part to part by ~20%. I recommend the AD7152 as it is factory
calibrated and can be used in differential mode if necessary.