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I2C addressable capacitance-to-digital converter

My customer would like to connect 2 devices AD7151 to the same I2C line. It
seems this is not possible, isn’t it?
Customer do not need more inputs, this is just for security and redundancy
reasons, it must be two separate chips. Is this possible anyway? Some other
device like this that can be connected to one single I2C line?
Any advice or comment is very welcome.


We haven’t targeted this type of bus switching application directly with a
switch solution primarily due to competitive price pressures (e.g. TI CBT3253, But that said, the ADG709 could
be worth considering. It’s a dual 2:1 mux that would be able to route the SDA
and SCL lines to two devices.

I need to check if we have I2C addressable cap sensor on the roadmap.
Capacitance to digital converters where you can set I2C address:
- AD7147A
- AD7147
- AD7142