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AD719x evaluation software Vista and Win 7 compatability

Is the AD719x evalaution software compatible with 32 bit Vista or 64 bit
Windows 7?


The evaluation board code on the web only runs on Windows xp.
However, the attached drivers allow the Evalboard to work on Win 7 and Windows
Vista. These drivers are a temporary measure i.e. the new installer is not
working correctly on windows xp but it does work on Win 7.

If you come across the error as per AD7190_error1.png attached, the part is
still operational if the OK button is clicked. The configuration set in the ADC
SETUP window is still relayed to the ADC and the part and/or software works
exactly as what should be expected. So, you can use the software to evaluate
the AD7190 while we investigate the issue. I will forward the corrected
software as soon as it is available.