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AD7190AD7714AD7793_ESD rate

There are some customers said that the ESD performance of AD7190 is not as well
as previous parts such as AD7793 and AD7714 on ADI China's BBS.
Do you have the ESD parameter for these parts. Whether they are all 4000V?(The
4000V parameter can be found from the datasheet of AD7714)
It would be appreciated if you can share this parameter with us.


The AD7714 passes 4 kV ESD, the AD7793 passes 1.5 kV and the AD7190 passes 1
kV. However, for all the parts, good filtering is needed. It is important to
have filtering on the analog input pins of the AD7190. Recommended R and C
values are given in the datasheet. The capacitors should be placed right on the
analog input pins. This gives the best protection. I have found that good board
layout is essential for any part. If the capacitors are not placed right at the
pins, then the protection is not as good.