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Mosfets for AD7195 AC excitation

In our new design for weighing scales we have used the AD7195. For AC
excitation BSH201 and BSH112 mosfets are used in the reference design. But we
need to connect up to 10 load cells, so we would prefer using mosfets with much
lower on resistance (factor 10) to minimize the voltage drop.

1) We have looked at some complementary types like IR7309 and SI5513CDC. Are
they ok for the job?
2) Could Analog Devices recommend some mosfet types which adds minimum noise to
the supply lines and the solution?


The AD7195 evaluation board uses the mosfets that we recommend. We have not
tried other mosfets. However, the mosfets you mentioned should be ok. Using the
mosfets on the evaluation board, we have evaluated the noise performance and
the mosfets do not degrade the noise performance.