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Pros and cons of applying SYNC pulse on AD7195

Using the AD7195 sync. signal. AD7195 is running 400Hz continues mode. I
receive a new sample each 2.5 msec. But after a sync signal pulse (100uSec) it
takes ~10msec before the next sample is ready ? I was still expecting ~2.5msec


When the SYNC signal is applied, the modulator and filter are held in the reset
state. When \SYNC goes high, the modulator and filter are released from the
reset state and they begin to gather samples. The complete settling time is
allowed for the device to generate the first conversion so with the sinc4
filter, chop off, the time is 4/output data rate or 10 ms for your case.
Applying the SYNC pulse causes the same behavior as a channel change. However,
the benefit of the SYNC signal is that you can control the instant at which
conversions are available.