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AD7492BRUZ: Thermal, Power and weight information

Hi Can you please provide the following information for the AD7492BRUZ  Part ?
1. Junction Temperature Max (Tj Max)
2. Typical Power, (Pd typ)
3. Maximum Power (Pd max)
4. Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient (Theta JA
5. Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB)
6. Thermal Resistance Junction to Case (Theta JC)
7. Weight


The Maximum Power (Pd max), is 15 mW.
The Typical Power, (Pd typ), depends on the power supply voltage and the data
rate. Then you can check the typical power dissipation from the graphs on page
17 of the data sheet.
ADI do not  quote the Theta Jb value because of the difficulty in defining the
PCB parameters and due to the fact that the Theta Ja, or Theta Jc, value is a
more accurate representation of the package performance. (Theta Ja and Theta Jc
are provided in the datasheet's absolute maximum ratings section).
Weight is 81.9 mg (this can be found in the materials declaration for
AD7492BRUZ ).