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AD7606 internal reference max. drift

I am trying to find the absolute accuracy figures for the AD7606's on-chip 2.5V
reference and am having trouble finding this information on the data sheet

In the "DC Accuracy" specifications section only "typical" figures are given
for positive/negative full scale errors and drifts when using the internal

In the "Reference Input/Output" section the reference output voltage is given
as  "2.49/2.505V" but again, this is listed in the "typical" column.

Is there a specification for the worst-case accuracy and drift of this internal
reference ? Would it be possible to ask AD ? We are proceeding with the design
based on this part and so would appreciate this info ASAP.


PL reviewed the YA data and calculated a spec for the total reference drift and
Full scale error drift.
The numbers are in no way guaranteed as a maximum specification. They are only
a guideline spec for maximum drift noted during YA on a small sample group.

Total reference drift 27PPM/˚C
Positive/Negative Full scale error drift 21.1PPM/˚C