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AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

I bought EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ and I want to use it standalone but no schematic is
provided on ADI website or delevered with the evaluation board. I need the
schematic in order to determine how to connect the evaluation board into my
test circuit.


The  EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ is attached to this FAQ (latest version of schematic as
of 15/01/2015),

  • FormerMember

    Please note that the EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ evaluation platform for the AD7606-4 has moved to EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ. Since the AD7606-4 is pin for pin compatible with the AD7606 the same evaluation board is used for both ADCs. The schematic for the EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ can be found here