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AD7608 + SPI problem

The datasheet of the AD7608 mentions the AD7608 being SPI compatible.
I found the SCLK and SS but i havent found the pins for MISO and MOSI.


The MISO pin should connect to the DOUT A/DOUT B pin of the AD7608. The DOUT A
pin is pin 24 and DOUT B is pin 25 when configured in serial mode. The AD7608
does not allow the ability to write to the ADC hence there is no MOSI.

Please keep in mind:
For the AD7608 to access all eight conversion results on one DOUT line, a total
of 144 SCLK cycles are required.

Or you need two SPI interfaces and 72 clocks each.

you need to ensure the controller can generate the 144 / 72 Clock cycles

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