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EVAL-AD7625FMCZ: External trigger and storage

I'm using the EVAL-AD7625FMCZ- System and have the following questions:
-Is  it  possible to store more than 1048576 measurements, because the  memory
is  32MB on the board ? Quadrature modulation carrier frequency =300kHz, signal
frequenz =5Hz à 200ms, sampled  with 5 MSPS and 1048576 measurements  means
209ms  storage  memory depth.
With 32MB I  can store  nearly  16 millions measurements.

-Is  it  possible to use  an extern trigger  to start  the  measurement on the 


Typically the capture limit is set by the processor on the controller board. 
The processor has a capture for its histogramming feature of 2^20 16-bit
samples.  This is obviously not a limitation of the AD7625, but of using it in
the default evaluation environment.
The same holds true for starting conversions.  If the evaluation software is to
be used to run the evaluation board, then the start button in the software must
be used to trigger conversions.  The customer could always develop their own
system to trigger conversions relative to some event, but this is not a feature
of our evaluation software.