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AD7656/AD7657/AD7658: What order is channel data presented in serial mode, single DOUT line

In the serial data mode for a single data line configuration can you tell me in
which order channel data is presented on the DOUT line. This information is
provided in the datasheet only for the parallel interface.


In the case of using a single DOUT line (DOUT A), the data is output in
ascending order V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6. There is an application note AN-893 on
topic of : Configuring the AD7656/AD7657/AD7658 for Serial and Daisy-Chain
Interface Modes of Operation. This application note shows the typical read
sequence using all options for channels/single or multiple DOUT lines.
This note also covers the daisy chain mode of operation. Both subjects are not
covered sufficiently in the datasheet. See AN-893 at