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AD7665: FAQs

Could you tell me if it exist a simple  exercise to verfiy the good working of
the AD7665. If it exist could you explain me.
thank you


A quick and easy way to evaluate the AD7665 is to use the AD7665 eval board
with the eval control board and software.

The software provided with the AD7665 eval board, is for use only with the eval
control board. The AD7665 can be used without the control board, using your own
software, however the software provided, provides an easy low cost method of
evaluating the AD7665.
The eval control board is used with a lot of our evaluation ADC systems..AD76XX
family…that are low to medium speed ( not for use with the very high speed
ADC’s used in the communications market), therefore once you purchase this
board, you can use it with an extensive number of our ADC eval boards.

If you have already designed in the AD7665 and you find that it is not
responding, can you double check that there is no risk of an incorrect power
sequence in the system between OVDD and DVDD?
Refer to pg 5 of the datasheet. OVDD must not exceed DVDD by more than
0.3Volts. This  is one known cause of latch-up or damage to the AD7665 device.