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AD7712: FAQs

In our application, some AD7712 use System Offset Calibration initiated, after
the power-up, together with the device configuration, by the means of a single
writing of the Configuration Register (0x8297A1). In our case, the calibration
duration is about 900 milliseconds.

Some tests show that, once started, the calibration process may be interrupted
by some accesses to the ADC registers (for instance reading of the calibration
registers) before the end of the calibration (DRDY).
In this case, the calibration registers contents remains unchanged.

Do you have knowledge of others operations having as consequences to interrupt
the calibration process ?

In our application, from time to time, some ADC doesn't process correctly the
System Offset Calibration for undeterminate and not reproducibled reason. Our
customers (Alcatel Alenia Space and European Space Agency) are worried to know
if such anomaly may be the sign a the degradation or failure of the part.


You can start a calibration process at  any time.  This will interrupt the
process at any time.
The pins labelled TFS and RFS are used to control writing to and reading from
the part. These pins should be pulled high via a pull-up resistor when not in
use  or  when you want to ensure that the part is not inadvertedly written to
or read from,
We advise that SCLK is kept low between read/write cycles as it is the falling
edge of SCLK that clocks out the data and the high level, that clocks in the
data, therefore if the SCLK is kept low between read/write operations you have
less chance of spurious clocks affecting the operation, wheras if SCLK is high
between read/write operations, noise on the line may be interpreted as a
falling edge/valid clock high pulse.

In addition:
The signals TFS and RFS gate the SCLK and SDATA, if you  keep these signals
high while using the SCLK and SDATA to communicate with other devices you will
not affect the AD7712.