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I have a query regarding sampling an AD7714 ADC.

I have a query regarding sampling an AD7714 ADC.

I have three differential inputs and wish to sample these sequentially. My
routines at the moment follow the flowchart on page 30 of the datasheet - but I
perform 3 calibrations (each with different gains) followed by polling each
input in turn.

I am finding that occasionally, the data read and stored from Channel 1 is the
value I would expect from Channel 2. I am also finding that the gain settings
are resetting to G=1.

Can you offer any assistance? Should I write to the mode register before
polling DRDY (I am reading the comms register for this) Do I need to introduce
any delays into my code?


According to the datasheeet, if a change of channel takes place, the settling
time is 3 x 1(output data rate) regardless of the /SYNC or FSYNC status as the
part issues an internal /SYNC command when requested to change channels.
However there is a known problem when continually switching between channels,
an incorrect reading is obtained randomly from the selected channel. Problem is
caused by the internal SYNC which is not issued to the part following a channel
change. The result is that the ctm gets results that are not fully settled.

There is a software fix that can be put in place to resolve this problem. When
switching channels use the FSYNC bit in the MODE register. Write a 1 to this
bit before changing channels then write a 0 to this bit after the channel
change has been implemented. The sequence of events in your read program are as

1)Write to the comms register, selecting the mode register.

2)Write to the mode register setting FSYNC high and channel gain(when this bit
is high, the nodes of the digital filter, the filter control logic and the
calibration control logic are held in a reset state)..

3)write to the comms register, selecting the channel and a write to the mode

4)write to the mode register setting FSYNC low and channel gain( when the
FSYNC  bit goes low, the modulator and filter start to process data and a valid
word is available in 3 x 1(output update rate) i.e.,the settling time of the

5)Poll the DRDY output.

6)Write to the comms register to select a read operation of the data register.

7)Read the data from the data register.