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Single Micrel FET MIC4427 driver

When using AC excitation, is it possible to use only one Micrel FET MIC4427


Yes you only need a single MIC4427.
The AD7730  has 2 channels and you need to use both the OUTA and OUTB channels
The upper and lower sections of the bridge are driven via AC and are anti-phase
with each other
(180 degrees different). That is why each end requires an inverter on 1 of the
transistors or FETs so that it is biased to turn on at the correct time.
Two of the FETs are p-channel and the other pair are n-channel.

  • In the datasheet it states that it is possible to do so which just dedicated bridge driver such micrel4427. I

    In Figure 8, transistors Q1 to Q4 perform the switching of the excitation voltage. These transistors can be discrete matched bipolar or MOS transistors-or a dedicated bridge-driver chip such as the 4427 from Micrel can be used to perform the task.

    Is this correct?