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The absolute maximum ratings for AD7745 state the following;

The absolute maximum ratings for AD7745 state  the following;

I expect this device to be able to tolerate the Pb free solder temperature of
260C , Is AD7745 able to withstand up to 260C during Pb free soldering process?


Our parts are qualified to the reflow profile found in JEDEC specification
J-STD-020C.  The reflow profile the customer uses is dependent upon their board
configuration but should not exceed the ramp rate or time at temp profile in
J-STD-020C. AD7745 is qualified to withstand the higher peak Pb free reflow
profile (up to 260C).

The reflow profile in JEDEC specification J-STD-020C should be adhered to. It
can be downloaded from JEDEC site at:

The data you refer to in your email in the absolute maximum ratings section of
the AD7745 relates only to lead temperature for  Vapor Phase (60 Sec) and
Infrared (15 sec) and not to the Peak Reflow temperature. The peak reflow
temperature for this device is listed on our materials declaration web page:

I have provided a screen shot below and you can see that peak reflow
temperature is 260C.  :