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Measure up to 150pF

Is it possible to measure up to 150pF with the AD774x?


Here are two tricks to increase the capacitive input range.

1) Connect a known fixed capacitor in series with the sensor. That would work
by equation C = C1 x C2 / (C1 + C2). This method results in a non-linear
relation between the sensor capacitance and the output data, but this can be
corrected in the host uC software. Also, the AD7746 input range might not be
fully used with implication of lower signal/noise ratio, but the AD7746 itself
should have enough resolution to keep the system resolution on required level.
A concern would be how stable is the serial capacitor over temperature and
temperature compensation for that.

2) Reduce the excitation voltage. The AD7746 basically measures charge and
reducing the excitation voltage, proportionally higher capacitance can be