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AD7747_power down mode

Here is a customer asked about the power down mode of AD7747.
In datasheet, it say we can put AD7747 into power down mode by writing the
configuration register. However, there is no detail about the description of
the power down mode, for example, which portion of the part is power down? I
think the digital interface should be alive, because it needs to monitor the
command to get out of the power down mode. And How much time does it take to go
into or come back from the power down mode?
So could you please help provide some information about it.


as the digital section doesn't consume much power, most of the digital,
especially I2C interface remains active at all times.
the analog section is however powered down fully. The wake-up time is not
defined, the customer could determine the wake-up time by measuring the time
between the end of the write into the config register and the start of a
conversion (excitation signal starts)