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AD7792: Single vs. Continuous Conversion Time

Do you have any data on Single vs. Continuous Conversion Time?


The conversion time depends on if you are using single conversion mode or
continuous conversion mode. For continuous conversion the first conversion is
available after a period of 2/Fadc, subsequent conversions are available at a
time of 1/Fadc. For single conversion mode, conversion takes a time of 2/Fadc.
The reason for the difference in conversion time is because AD7792 is a sigma
delta converter and the digital filter has a settling time in response to
abrupt changes at the input e.g. a single conversion/a channel change etc. In
these cases the AD7792 discards the first unsettled result and outputs only the
second result which has settled. In continuous conversion mode the ADC only
discards the first result. Thereafter, all the output words from the digital
filter are valid output.