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AD7794: FAQs

Is there any way of getting the firmware in the microcontroller to control the
SPI communication (SPI-USB Bridge)?


We cannot supply the source code for the firmware. This is a canned routine
that we use.

We have the LabView source code and we can send this to you. However, we do not
have the uC source code i.e. the code that controls the interaction between the
uC/ ADC and the uC/USB. We have a hex version of this code which is called
within the LabView code.

Attached is some sample C code which may help. It is code for the interaction
between the ADC and the uC. It was written for the AD7792 which is a 16-bit
part but it still may be useful to you.

Also attached is the labview source code. It was written in Labview 8.2.