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DAC selection: Is there a better recommended choice for new design than AD7805?

For a new design we want use DAC AD7805. Is it advised to use it for a new
design? Our requirements :
- min 3 DAC outputs.
- min resolution 10 bit.
- input format : parallel.
- power supply +5V.
- signal input : 0V min > 5V max 0Hz min > 5KHz max
- réf : int or ext

Do you have another product that you would recommend?


Please take a look at the AD5314(SPI Quad), AD5315(I2C Quad), AD5316(I2C Quad),
AD5317(SPI Quad) and AD5318(SPI Octal).

These devices should satisfy your requirements.

If you are looking for an external reference? Try this: