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AD7895: Leakage current

Please could you let me know the max and min values for leakage current through
the Vin pin (Pin 2) of the AD7895AR-3 chip at 25degC when powered by +5V and


I'm afraid we do not have any specifications for max and min values for leakage
current through the Vin pin. Since it has a resistor divider input as opposed
to the usual switched cap, it's more than just a leakage current. Figure 2 on
Page 6 of the datasheet shows the input config and the accompanying text gives
some values for the input resistors. There is also a min value for the input
resistance given in the spec table that could be used to determine the max
input current. It should be noted that the actual values of these input
resistors varies quite a bit (+/-20%) across different lots etc but because the
accuracy is dependant on the matching of the resistors instead of the absolute
values, this generally doesn't cause any problems.