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Difference between AD7924WYRUZ and AD7924BRUZ

in two of our boards we use AD7924WYRUZ AD Converter.
This ADWs are spezified in AD7924WYRUZ  automotive quality.
Our supplier ordered and received a reel marked with AD7924WYRUZ.
A lot of this chips are placed on our boards – now we found inside of the reel 
AD7924BRUZ marked ADWs.
Please see picture below.

My primary question:  are the signal to noise ratio values the only values with
differ between B and WY quality 
( temperature range of course )


Because the grades use different temperature conditions, this will have an
effect on the FIT. Although they are the same material (note: the automotive
grade may have tighter screens e.g. PAT, SBYL, etc.), a different use temp
condition would affect the FIT. Below is a link to the reliability program at
ADI that describes the FIT calculation (ADI Rel handbook) :