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What is AD7961?

What is AD7961?


The AD7961 16-bit, 5-MSPS PulSARRegistered differential ADC, uses a capacitive 
digital-to-analog converter (CAPDAC) based successive-approximation register
(SAR) architecture to provide the unprecedented speed, noise and linearity
performance without latency or pipeline delay.  The AD7961 is offered in a 5mm
X 5mm, 32 lead, Lead Frame Chip Scale Package (LFCSP_WQ) and it is specified
over the
–40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.

The AD7961 consumes 39 mW (typ) at 5 MSPS and is optimized for excellent AC and
DC performance even at full 5MSPS throughput.

• Dynamic range: 96 dB
• SNR: 95.5 dB
• THD: −116 dB
• INL: ±0.2 LSB (typical), ±0.55 LSB (maximum)
• DNL: ±0.14 LSB (typical), ±0.25 LSB (maximum)

The AD7960 is an 18-bit, 5 MSPS PulSARRegistered differential ADC and is pin compatible 
with the AD7961 PulSARRegistered family, so it can be used instead of the AD7961 when 
only 18-bit performance is required.