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AD7960 LVDS test pattern

Could you forward me LVDS test patterns for AD7960 ADC, I cannot find them in
the data sheet.


The AD7960 generates an 18-bit pseudo random test pattern based on the
polynomial series - . To generate this pattern, you need to power-up the AD7960
and set EN[3:0] = 0100. Then Initiate a conversion CNV± and run the CLK± at
200MHz (max up to 300MHz). The pseudo random generator is reset into a known
state at the start of the first conversion. At the end of conversion, the
pseudo random number is loaded into the LVDS block instead of the 18-bit
conversion result. The pseudo random number can be read back the same way the
conversion result is read back. To exit this mode, you need to change EN[3:0]
from 0100 to any other combination mentioned in the datasheet.