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What is ADAS3023?

What is ADAS3023?


The ADAS3023 is a SAR-based simultaneous sampling analog-to-digital data
acquisition system IC manufactured on ADI’s proprietary iCMOSRegistered high-voltage 
industrial process technology that integrates an 8-channel, low leakage track
and hold; a programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (four input ranges)
with high common-mode rejection; a precision, low drift 4.096 V reference and
buffer; and a 16-bit charge-redistribution analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
with successive approximation register (SAR) architecture.

The highly integrated ADAS3023 IC provides designers with an entire, factory
calibrated multiplexed data acquisition signal chain that is specified to
operate over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.  This means
that data acquisition system designers no longer need to worry about signal
buffering, common mode rejection, level shifting, amplification, rejection of
noise, settling times or any of the other analog signal conditioning that was
once a standard part of their design process while also allowing smaller form
factor, faster time to market and lower costs.

As well as tackling the main design challenges, the ADAS3023 delivers high AC
and DC performance at 16-bit and offers true high impedance inputs and rejects
common mode signals present on the inputs.
• 16-Bit, ±3LSB INL min/max
• 91.5 dB SNR typical
• >500MΩ Input Impedance
• 95dB CMRR typical