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Reserved (RSV) pins in CFG register = always set to 1

I have found an error in ADAS3023 datasheet, it is a functional description
that is wrong.  The problem is associated with the configuration register.
There are 2 bits (3, 12) reserved and the datasheet specifies “RSV Reserved.
Setting or clearing this bit has no effect.”. From what I have tested the
adas3023 only works with the bits set to 1.  


Yes, this is an error in the datasheet and the CFG register bits [3] and [12]
should be “always set to 1”.

By the way, there is also an error in DIN timing specs on page 7 of the
datasheet. The data is always written on the rising edge, so it should state
“DIN valid setup and hold time from SCK rising edge”.
These errors will be corrected in the next revision of ADAS3023 datasheet.