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AD7380/AD738x 80Mhz SCLK frequency


The AD7380/AD738x datasheet uses the 80Mhz SCLK frequency. Can a lower frequency be used in the communication interface?


AD738x has a throughput rate of 4MSPS.  Faster SCLK frequency enables to achieve a higher throughput rate.  The 80Mhz SCLK frequency enables to achieve of the fast throughput rate of the AD738x of 4MSPS to clock-out the conversion data at the SDO A and SDO B pins.  Some applications may use slower throughput,  A lower SCLK frequency can be used for the AD738x, like 40Mhz or lower for example, and still able to achieve the ADC excellent performance but then this will have a lower throughput rate to clock-out conversion results in the SDOA and SDOB pins.