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The AD7380(AD738x) a 16-bit resolution ADC throughput rate is at 4MSPS. When resolution boost is enable allowing 18-bit conversion result. With the additional 2-bits, does the AD7380 would still able to maintain the throughput rate at 4MSPS?

The AD7380 is capable to perform with throughput rates over 4MSPS using the correct SCLK at 80 Mhz frequency. When the normal averaging oversampling and resolution boost are enabled, the throughput rate will slow down as the oversampling ratio increases, as this is the tradeoff when using the normal average oversampling. On the otherhand whenever using the rolling average oversampling and resolution boost is enable, even with the additional 2-bit of resolution, the AD7380 is still capable to have a throughput rate of 4MSPS.