Maximum speed that can be achieved using ADC7195


I have been performing some tests on ADC7195. As of now, the maximum speed we are able to achieve on adc is 800Hz for a single channel. The time required is 1.24s, when i see this on the serial monitor.

I also figured out that, there are two types of filters available, namely sinc4 and sinc3. The time required on the sinc4 filter is 1.65s and the maximum throughput we can achieve was around 1200Hz. 

I have created a table for both the filters comparing the maximum outputs we were able to achieve as of now. 

                                    Time(single channel)         Throughput 

Sinc3                                       1.24s                         1600Hz

Sinc4                                       1.65s                         1200Hz


My question is, can we hit 2kHz throughput for a single channel, with the current ADC7195 chip? or we need to switch the chips?