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Question about LTC2344-16 coversion accuracy



Regarding LTC2344 conversion data, we can read it during the next conversion in progress but its accuracy will degrade according to the description in its data sheet page 31.


- How much does the conversion accuracy degrade?

- Does such conversion result have any features? For instance, it shows the reference voltage or power supply voltage?


 I know this is not recommended way to use. I'd like to know what becomes of conversion result in case of such situation being happened.





  • It is difficult to say how much the accuracy will be affected if the result of the previous conversion is read out during the current conversion. Having SCK rise or fall during a bit test is the cause of the inaccuracy but the amount of the effect can be changed by a number of things including the amplitude and slew rate of the SCK signal, how many bit tests experience SCK transitions, the processing and temperature of the ADC. Rather than provide an estimate of what the maximum error caused by shifting out data during a conversion might be that could turn out to be wrong, I would rather echo the data sheet and recommend not transferring data during a conversion.

    There are no special features caused by transferring data during a conversion.

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