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AD7879 Evaluation Board Unable to download firmware, Windows 10

When attempting to launch the successfully installed AD7879 software, I receive the message dialog "ERROR: Can Not Download AD7879 Firmware onto Evaluation Board.", followed by termination of the program. This occurred with the default software from 2008 that shipped on the CD, as well as the software from 2009 downloaded from support. 

The Win10 device manager lists an "Unknown Device", and none of the standard "update driver" methods improve the situation. 

From experience with other boards, I'm guessing there's supposed to be a USB to Serial driver in the mix to support the CY7C68013 USB microcontroller, but that's just informed conjecture on my part. Researching that aspect of the thing over at cypress leads to an entirely different briar patch of uncertain relevance. 

FWIW, my colleagues in CA are encountering the same issue,  with a different instance of the same board. 

What are we missing here? Clue please?